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We are delighted to share our passion for Brazilian cuisine with you, and it is a true honor for us to offer you an unforgettable gastronomic and cultural experience. Savor and relish these two iconic Brazilian dishes that bring a wealth of history to your table.

FEIJOADA and FAROFA are two quintessential dishes of Brazilian cuisine that have become emblematic of the nation's culture. Both dishes are widely loved throughout the country and boast a rich history dating back to colonial times.

FEIJOADA is a flavorful dish comprising black beans cooked with various types of meat, including bacon, sausage, dried meat, and pork ribs. The dish is typically served with rice, butter-sautéed cabbage, orange, and farofa.

The feijoada recipe was introduced to Brazil by the Portuguese during the colonization period. Back then, feijoada was considered a luxurious dish reserved for special occasions such as parties and banquets.

Over time, feijoada gained popularity, particularly among slaves working on Brazilian coffee farms. These slaves only had access to the less desirable parts of the meat, like the fat and bones. To make the most of these ingredients, they developed the feijoada recipe we know today, enhancing it with sausage, bacon, and other flavorful components.

FAROFA, on the other hand, is a versatile side dish made of toasted cassava flour combined with butter, onion, and other ingredients such as bacon and olives. Farofa can be served with a variety of dishes, including barbecue, fish, and our beloved feijoada. Similar to feijoada, farofa has its origins in African culture. African slaves used cassava flour as a substitute for bread, which was less common in Brazil at the time. Over the years, cassava flour became a popular staple in Brazilian cuisine, and farofa emerged as a traditional side dish in numerous regions of the country.

Today, feijoada and farofa are cherished by Brazilians and served in restaurants worldwide. Together, these two dishes represent the rich history and culinary heritage of Brazil.

Additionally, enjoy our incredible assortment of salads and our exclusive barbecue, expertly prepared by our chefs. To complement your meal, indulge in a refreshing and delicious Caipirinha, one of Brazil's most popular drinks, or choose from our Premium Selection of Champagne, Fine Wines, Spirits, Beers, and Soft Drinks.

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Looking for the perfect place to have your dinner date? Come over and escape to Brazil for the night!

Enjoy our signature Churrasco Meats, Fresh Market Table & Delicious Sides!

Latin America Steakhouse Experience

A barbecue cuisine that Fogo Brazil offers is an excellent delivery of various meat, mainly cattle and a draw from a time-tested Brazilian playbook.

Everything from fresh meats, cooking methods, and presentations are designed to deliver that iconic steakhouse experience from Latin America.

Think of Churrasco grills, juicy steaks rich in flavour with an addition of salad bar and buffet-style dishes which are all the legacy of indigenous people from South and Central America’s coastlines that are now carried on as far as Japan.

This takes us straight to the next reason why Fogo Brazil is a beautiful component in your journey to Okinawa!

Family Run Brazilian Restaurant Established in Okinawa Japan 2019

OVER THE YEARS, the restaurant got a lot of great reviews. So what are the people saying? It all starts with great and friendly service praise followed by mention of the lovely views that the outdoor terrace provides!

One of the strongest aspects alluded to is the flavourful and delicious meat. Absolutely not a coincidence, as the Chefts in Forgo Brazil have years of experience and knowledge of how to prepare for something unforgettable.

The restaurant is also often referred to as something different in a good way. That's why Forgo Brazil is bound to leave a lasting impression on anyone visiting Okinawa. And that grilled pineapple a lot of our customers rave about is a popular mention too, and yet again not by accident at all. Enjoy!

Group Dining

An elegant Brazilian dining experience presented by our helpful and knowledgeable staff will make Fogo Brazil the perfect location for your group or private dining event.

Recent Reviews From Our Diners


Muito Obrigada 😍❤️ a comida muito gostosa e delicia !

Anriquelis Barrios

Olympic Athlete


We love this place!!! The food is amazing and the staff are very friendly. Better then the states.

Cynthia De la Cruz


Best Brazilian Restaurant Ever..

soqd Marina


Wonderful restaurant, delicious perfectly prepared meat of all types, fresh salad bar. Great view of the bay!

Thomas Johson


My husband is Brazilian, so I know what I'm talking about when I say it's a god feijoda. It reminded me of my mother-in-law's feijoada and it's the best.

Maureen Musni


Great place along the boardwalk to take a group or a partner, with a view of the channel. Some nights there are fireworks out in the channel that can take a night from memorable to unforgettable.

Kyle T

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